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Jussi Lahtinen

As an artist, I do not think it is that meaningful to give answers. Instead, I ask questions through my work.

During the Urban AI artwork process I have wondered, for example, can the art machine create new works of art, or does it only generate sketches? What is the artist's role in each part of the process where the machine produces an endless image stream from previously created artworks?

The machine produces a stream of images into the world, a human creates. The art machine does not understand meanings; it works without a creative process. The machine only has the power to produce because of the works that I fed in it. It has the power of a machine to choose or not to choose them. An artist is needed to deepen the feeling or message chosen by the artist for their work.

For me, the art machine became a source of inspiration and I want to continue making art with it. I consider AI more as a partner in the artist’s creative process than a future threat. In a way, it is about the convergence of human and new technology.

– Jussi Lahtinen

Jussi Lahtinen is a Finnish visual artist living in Tampere. He is the creator of the Metropolis series, which he started creating in 2015 when he was inspired by the film Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang in 1927.

The Metropolis series depicts fictional cities where the artist has integrated existing elements that are in reality located in different parts of each city. Lahtinen's imaginative realism makes you view familiar cities with new eyes.

Jussi's latest project, Urban AI Art, delves deep into the ever-so-topical role of artificial intelligence in the creation of art. Jussi wanted to see what happens when he hands over his Metropolis artworks to a proprietary AI machine, which then generates new versions of them in real time. The AI programmed by Henri Sarasvirta was developed only for the purpose of Urban AI Art.

As such, Urban AI is an independent artwork that brings into question what art is and what an artist is needed for. The work is completed as part of a Tampere University’s research project that is investigating images of artificial intelligence in urban environments.

Jussi's view of AI as a creative partner & tool rather than future threat & dystopia is shared by us at NsG.

Artificial intelligence is strong. It has algorithms. Emotional imbalance or lack of inspiration won't stop its production. Artificial intelligence rejects timelines and maps. It is a stream without scenario or forecast. It is an endless production that might look like a chaotic collage, but if you stay for a while and give the art machine a chance, you might get that special piece of art that will touch your mind and heart.

With that artistic mandate & mission, NsG will present a collection 100 unique images created by the Urban AI Art machine as NFTs selected and curated by the artist.

The Urban AI Art stream goes live on March 31 at

Jussi Lahtinen
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