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Lauri Ahtinen

I have been drawing all my life, since a little kid, partly sparked by my mother, who was an art teacher – I used to sneak into her classes. Throughout my years, I’ve been experimenting with different forms of artistic expression, not limiting myself to one style or format. I continue to explore and evolve to this day.

Being a teacher of preparatory education classes, comics and comic book novels have felt like a natural choice of expression for me. They combine verbal themes and wordplay with illustrations for deeper impact.

The origin of my creations is often in everyday life: the trials, tribulations and triumphs of my personal life. The events that happen in the world around me or in the world within me. My stories are mostly works of autofiction, with a touch of self-irony and dry, dark humor. I like to make not-so-funny things funny, and I think it’s okay to be even mean at my own expense. It gives my stories an edge.

My foray into comics began boldly: as soon as I had my first comics ready, I sent them to major publishers like Otava, WSOY, Like and Gummerus. Boldness paid off and I was selected by WSOY, which was quite a feat for a young unknown artist.

Now years later, after an eventful journey in arts, I think it’s only fitting I foray into the world of NFT art with equal boldness. I want to keep up the excitement in my creative ventures. NFT presents the perfect opportunity for it, right on time for the next chapter of my artistic exploration.

– Lauri Ahtinen

Lauri Ahtinen is a versatile artist and graphic designer, best known for his comic book novels. He also creates painted art on canvas, bespoke graphics for corporations and prints for clothing brands, most notably “Vimma”. Lauri is the quintessential craftsman of visual arts.

Lauri is a published, acclaimed artist. His notable works include “Melankolian Kaksi Huonetta ja Keittiö” (Melancholy’s Two Rooms and a Kitchen), “15 Minuutin Yksinäisyys” (15 Minutes of Loneliness), “Karjala 90120”, highly personal “Homepäiväkirja” (The Mold Diary) and “Eropäiväkirja” (The Divorce Diary), storyline for the children’s comic book novel “Itä-Borneo” (Eastern Borneo) and “Elias”, a topical take on a young immigrant’s wait for refuge in the magical Nordics.

Lauri’s works over the years have been met with positive critic reviews, he has been nominated twice for the prestigious Sarjakuva-Finlandia award and most of all his style of storytelling is loved by readers of all ages. Lauri has also held several exhibitions of his painted artworks.

Comics and comic book novels are a less explored avenue of NFT art, again something totally new and different for NFTstore.Gallery’s selection of arts. As a form of storytelling where visual expression is front and center, it is perfect for a series of collectables.

Lauri’s NFT collection – an extensive, long-term project – will be launched in January 2022, with a unique concept in both creation and execution.

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Lauri Ahtinen
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