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Thibault Messac

My approach is to design artwork that responds to contemporary artistic issues, such as the status of art in the digital age, the notion of aesthetics and the dissemination of art, while looking at societal issues such as the impact of human actions, environmental aspects, relationship to living and links to culture.

In a society with images abound, the artist must differentiate himself to emerge from the continuous flow of images everyone is constantly confronted with. The consequences of modern technical contributions on the perception of art and on the emergence of new artistic formats & practices are profound. They add to the overflow of images.

My artwork puts the issues of abundance and dissemination of images into perspective through the decision to work on the still image, its representation, the materiality of the artwork and its conditions of display. My Digital Frescoes provoke an aesthetic shock, which arises from the richness of their compositions and their complexity – accentuated by their monumentality, which blurs their immediate visual decipherability.

My NFTs entice to embark on a visual exploration, diving into the depths of the digital art composed with hundreds of layers.

– Thibault Messac

Thibault Messac is a versatile French visual artist living in Bordeaux, where he not only creates his stunning artwork but also teaches art. Thibault graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux in 2009 (DNAP). With several exhibitions to his name, we are very excited to introduce him to the NFT community and collectors.

Thibault Messac's artwork stands out from the continuous flow of images and visual stimuli we are bombarded with every day through on-screen media, outdoor advertising, internet and social networks – whether we choose to or not.

To disrupt this imposed flow, Thibault conceives his work as an encounter between the viewer and artwork. He creates a captivating experience: visuals that invite to stop and study their breathtaking level of detail.

When presented out in the world, Thibault's Digital Frescoes can only be truly seen and appreciated when produced in a monumental size, sometimes taking the entire outside wall of a building. This substantial format and its dimensions bring out the countless elements in the frescoes – they are often composed of hundreds of images and layers – and let the spectators appreciate their richness in an immersive experience.

Soon, for the first time, one of Thibault’s Digital Frescoes will be offered as NFT in its full breathtaking detail. The monumental NFT, "Paris Paris Paris", includes a gigantic ~500 MB version of the masterpiece as unlockable content. On screen, it can be infinitely zoomed in to experience the amazing intricacy of every element.

Thibault's NFT debut also includes exclusively produced partials of the digital fresco. The close-ups of the masterpiece highlight selected details, which are artworks on their own.

The collection, previewed below, is available on OpenSea:

Thibault Messac
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