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Ville Kuusilehto

I sign my art VK, my friends call me Ville. I'm 29 years old. I'm a lot like Peter Parker, except the spider that bit me just had depression.

My work is a combination of 3D renders and digital painting. They are a visual representation of the things that fly around inside my head. Some pieces came from nightmares or dreams, while others are just results of me trying to distract myself for a few hours.

I like making ugly things pretty and pretty things ugly. I like playing with light, shadow and color. I like asking myself: ’What if the bassist from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi was just staring at me from the end of that dark alley as I walk past it?’

Welcome to the inside of my head, enjoy your stay.

– Ville Kuusilehto

As our first featured artist, we are proud to introduce a young creative mind from the faraway exotic land of blinding light and cold darkness, Finland.

Ville’s art reflects his mystic and deep soulscape, an interesting mixture of contrasts. Ville’s art plays in the twilight of light and dark, there is hope and despair, strength and sensitivity, evil and good, a rich & stark world of opposites.

It is easy to sense the flair and spirit of a next generation artist from Ville’s works, without foregoing traditions or insurgency. As a gallery, we were convinced of Ville’s talent in the digital realm of arts – how his works tell a mystical tale that captivates with each artwork, leaving the desire to see the next creative instalment.

The often unspoken issue of mental health – especially depression – is close to Ville’s heart. 10% of all proceedings from the sale of his works will be donated toward non-profit mental health charities. For the Fallen Saints Collection, Ville has chosen (Take Care), a campaign for taking care of young minds by MIELI Mental Health Finland.

Please see Ville's artwork also at

View the introduction of the Fallen Saints Collection:

Ville Kuusilehto
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