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'Land' collection was created in September 2019, while Christelle was staying at the Matera art residency in the highlands of Southern Italy, 400 meters above sea level, on the steep western edge of Murgia National Park. 

In the current pandemic world, which has radically affected travel, 'Land' photographs merge travel images into timeless visions of places. They are like a layered archive – visual memories – preserving places to be remembered through photography. 


The idea of bringing together two or three photographs on a single image, and thus associating two or three moments in one image, is to see how superimposing images disrupts the visible reality of the photograph. In one sense, this enables the image to be deconstructed and a new image is reconstructed. It results in an image that is in flux, distorted, faded, incomplete and vibrates between the exact and the vague. 

The photographs represent multi-dimensional memories of places once traveled to.

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