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The ever-growing Mave Collection is inspired by DETBITE's now 1-year-old son Mateo. The artworks are illustrations of Mave's adventures as he playfully and bravely journeys through fantasy lands. Every step on the way is unexpected – where will imagination take Mave next?


The original hand-drawn illustrations are for DETBITE's private collection, which the artist is safekeeping for Mateo. Mave Collection will evolve through the years, inspired by the growth and life of the artist's son.


The NFTs are high-resolution digital scans of the original artworks and will remain the only digital representations of their kind. Just like the originals, the NFTs are A6 in printed size (4-1/8 x 5-7/8 inches or 105 x 148 millimetres) with a 1200 dpi resolution.

Proceeds from the sale of Mave Collection go toward a nest egg for Mateo and the many adventures he will embark on!

Mave Collection is available on OpenSea with unique 1/1 single edition NFTs for 0.05 ETH each

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