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Stellar Collection features 12 unique deep space photographs by J-P Metsävainio, a professional visual artist with a committed passion to reveal the hidden beauty of our universe. J-P is internationally known as a celebrity astrophotographer and author of a 12-year project to capture the deepest-ever panoramic view of the Milky Way.


J-P also recently co-authored the book 'Cosmic Clouds in 3D' with Brian May of Queen. As he puts it, "Revealing the hidden beauty of our universe is my passion. I stand in rapt adoration before all that I see. When art meets science, the results can be quite mind-blowing."


J-P's Stellar Collection features NFTs that have been selected and awarded by NASA, National Geographic and even the Vatican Observatory – and some previously unseen works! 


Each NFT consists of the original astrophotograph and a gallery-quality acrylic/aluminum print personally signed by the artist available as Unlockable Content.

View the collection on OpenSea

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