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Between land and sea


People are often fascinated by borders and crossing them. Travelling is democratised in the West and it is something that everyone should do during their life. Migration flows are also increasingly from east to west. For the flow of humans, ecological, pandemic and economic disasters redraw territories and borders. Even if we build walls, the borders are in the process of obsolescence: the coastline is the last limit which separates the territories from the dynamics of the flow.


The interconnections between land and sea are increasingly developed. The sea moves and territories disintegrate. Contemporary societies are torn between openness and confinement, travel or not travel. The last frontier is protean: how to cross the horizon?


The photograph is at the same time travel images from place to place and transitions from time to time in between. I bring together two or three images on a single photograph and thus associate two or three moments in one place, seeing how they are superimposed.

Territories is a series of 9 photographic artworks, 3 of which are offered as unique, single edition NFTs at this time. You can view the entire series at my online gallery 

View the collection on OpenSea

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