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The Arctic regions of the world are often visualized with common characteristics: light blue color is usually enough to associate a scenery with cold & ice. It can be amplified with horizontal wavy shapes and hues of cyan & pink. With such simple elements, our subconscious mind is easily deceived to perceive something as artic.

The 'Arctic' photographs build on our preconceptions and imagination. Many of us have never seen The Arctic, so it remains more fictive than real. 'Arctic' plays with this borderline perception between fiction and reality: what you see is real but not the reality. The collection creates fictive & mystic arctic scenery by fusing the micro & macro cosmos together.

The 'Arctic' photographs have been staged in a studio, created on an actual microscopic level, for example with chemical reactions and growing crystal structures. The photographs have been taken in UV light in the dark with a telephoto lens. No parts of the photographs are computer generated.

View the collection on OpenSea

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