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We at NFTstore.Gallery (NsG) witnessed how the Internet grew into the societies and lives gobbling giant it is today. We left our mark in building digital services world over. Now we are staring at the dawn of what comes next in the digital (r)evolution. 


Our mission is to take part in building the services that will unite the artists of today and the future through blockchains and the universe of NFTs they are creating. We want to make the impossible possible by collaborating with people and harnessing technology for the benefit of the world of art. We have unquenchable enthusiasm for next gen technologies and how they interact with people, especially as the conveyer of emotions through artistic expression.

We want to offer everyone the chance to succeed in this new era. We want to share and promote digital art. We want to see what you have created. What is your unique style? Have you minted it yet? Do you want your art to stand out?


Contact us, and together we will discover the best way to enable your success. Negotiations are always free and there is no pre-commitment – we operate with transparency.

Our roadmap

  • Concept & service design

  • Business model

  • 1st Principal Artist

  • 1st Art Collection

  • Pre-launch (web, Twitter, Instagram)

  • We're live!


  • Ongoing promotions

  • NFT sales

  • Next artists: All-inclusive
    & Featured


  • Collaborations with NFT market places & galleries

  • First principal artists represented by NsG to SuperRare

  • NFTstore.Galery online events


  • NFT exhibitions in the physical world (Art Fairs & Events)

  • Virtual gallery in Decentraland

  • Metaverse service design

  • NFTstore.Gallery 2.0


Choose your success

Services All Inclusive.png


Our all-inclusive service includes, well, everything: creating a profile for your at OpenSea or Rarible, minting your art, password protected storage and links for your NFT's unlockable content, managing NFT sales and your dedicated cryptocurrency wallet, promotion by our team and of course getting featured at our gallery.

Services Featured.png


Do you have your artwork already minted as NFT and for sale? Why not have it featured at our gallery and linked to your favourite marketplace? Featured art is also promoted by us on Twitter and Instagram to our contacts and in a subject-sensitive way in the entire cryptoverse! 

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