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Christelle Mas

With my photography, I like to explore the visual interface between reality and fiction, with both visible and invisible layers. Sometimes I make the invisible visible, blending it with the visible, creating new reality for the human eye to see – places that seem real but can only be visited through my photographs.

I like to combine electronic and artificial objects with natural elements, carefully placing them in settings of seamless visual interplay. I often use elements of the invisible microscopic world, to which I have access as a science researcher, to create new visible reality, even new conceptual creatures, as seen in my Bio Evolution artwork.

I play and experiment with the relation between nature, man, technology and science. In my photography and artwork, the limits of our visual perception are countered and challenged by our limitless capability of conceptual perception.

I welcome you to experience the conceptual reality I create.

– Christelle Mas

Christelle Mas is a French Visual Artist living in Finland. Her medium is a fascinating combination of photography mixed with drawings and installations. She has researched photography as a medium and as a technology, experimented with the photographic science, and tested the limits of the medium itself, playing with the concept of truth in the photographic image.

Mas likes to reveal the invisible and highlights the relative, often deceptive nature of what is visible to the human eye. She often creates "en-captivating" worlds, in which science and mythology, natural and artificial are intertwined.

Mas has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, where she also earned a BA in the philosophy of art. She has displayed her work in several solo and joint exhibitions both in Finland and internationally. Works by Christelle Mas are included in the collections of Oulu Art Museum and Kemi Art Museum, and in private collections. Mas is a member of the BioArt Society in Finland.

NFTstore.Gallery is proud present Christelle's debut NFT collections, which encompasses selected works from her several collections – Wild Land, Land and Arctic – as unique, single edition NFTs. The collections are available on OpenSea.

You can learn more about Christelle Mas and explore her visual arts at, where her art is available for purchase also in non-NFT format. For her daily journey exploring the photographic medium, follow Christelle at

Christelle Mas
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