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I lived my childhood around the world in many countries surrounded by different cultures. I grew up to have a broad and acceptive worldview. For me, it's easy to engage with all kinds of people.

My father passed away when I was 11, so in my youth I spent a lot of time by myself. Imagination was my company. Creativity became an inherent part of me. I've always liked drawing & crafting by hand, showing people what I have created. People's reactions fuel me.

I get inspired by everything around me. For me, anything can be an inspiration, often unexpectedly. I don't like expectations or direction that limits my artistic expression. That's why the result is always unexpected: I just go where the shapes and my imagination takes me.

The concept for DETBITE’s way of creating artwork was born by chance. I was given an "impossible" challenge: could I turn a random scribble on an empty paper into art? Of course I could! I think anything can be made into art.

To make that point, I also wanted to save the starting point, the scribble. I held the paper up to the light and saw the outlines of the scribble as shapes for elements for the artwork on the blank side. This two-sided approach became my signature way of working, preserving both the starting point and the always unexpected artwork I create from it.

Besides art, the very center of my life is my 1-year-old son Mateo. Seeing him grow is a wonder. It is also a journey for me as an artist: my son is a constant, ever-evolving influence. I want to leave him a legacy and see a future full of opportunities. Legacies and legends are made of bravery, and I am fearless.

– Eero Tanjunen, DETBITE

Eero Tanjunen, the artist known as DETBITE, was born in Swaziland to an African mother and Finnish father, gifting him a culturally rich and diverse background.

As an artist, Eero is open to new challenges and has many plans for his artwork, from illustrating playing cards to having a DETBITE clothing line.

We at NsG saw his artwork’s potential as a new type of inclusive NFT – with real-world engagement as unique unlockable feature. We also instantly wanted to support DETBITE’s fearless forays into the world of art.

As Eero put it, people are often afraid of experimenting with new ideas because of the fear of failure. Fear becomes a boundary. DETBITE wants his way of working to inspire people to push their boundaries. He wants to inspire people to realize that anything can be done. You just have to begin – put pen to paper, so to speak.

DETBITE’s boundaries breaking artwork collection debuts on NFTstore.Gallery in early November. Expect the unexpected!

In the meanwhile, enjoy DETBITE’s artwork at

We also invite you to watch a video of how a random encounter and engagement with the audience is at the start of DETBITE’s artwork creation process:

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