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J-P Metsävainio

My purpose as an artist is to reveal the hidden beauty of our universe. I have to fulfil the demands of my passion – and I have done so for about 25 years.

My work is more about know-how than about tools. To me, it is about visions, skills, passion for the subject, knowledge, patience, curiosity, and lots of practicing – much more than simply a bunch of fancy gear. I don't love technology per se. It simply serves my purpose to make art the way I like to make it. It's simply a tool, like a paintbrush or pen, a necessity needed for my work as an artist.

I stand in rapt adoration before all that I see. When art meets science, the results can be quite mind-blowing.

– J-P Metsävainio

J-P Metsävainio is professional visual artist, internationally known as a celebrity astrophotographer. He is the author of a 12-year project to capture the deepest-ever panoramic view of our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

In his early years, J-P attended art school in the mid-eighties and afterwards studied architecture at The University of Oulu, in Finland. He then formed his own company, which for several years produced industrial art, including various kinds of products and graphical design. At end of the nineties, J-P began making astronomical photographs – and has been doing it ever since.

J-P has in recent years been featured on CNN, Forbes, NASA, National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Discovery, WIRED, PetaPixel, and other leading international media platforms. J-P also recently co-authored the book 'Cosmic Clouds in 3D' with Brian May of Queen.

J-P is no stranger to the NFT scene. His artwork "Voices of Apollo 11" was featured and sold on SuperRare. It was a tribute to astronaut Michael Collins and the Apollo 11 crew. The Moon’s image was made entirely from the transcript of the communications between the Apollo 11 flight crew and Mission Control.

NsG (NFTstore.Gallery) is proud to represent J-P and his soon-to-launch new NFT collection. In a way, J-P completes our artists' realms from the micro to the macro: whereas Christelle Mas photographs the microcosmos and Thibault Messac creates gigantic digital frescos from our earthly cityscapes, J-P's stellar art originates from the opposite extreme – from outer space hundreds of thousands of lightyears away.

Mesmerise yourself with J-P's work and process:

J-P Metsävainio
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