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A creative fusion between man and machine

Urban AI Art delves deep into the ever-so-topical role of artificial intelligence in the creation of art. Visual artist Jussi Lahtinen wanted to see what happens when he hands over his previous Metropolis artworks to a proprietary machine, which then generates new versions of them in real time.

The underlying artwork depicts fictional cities where the artist has integrated existing elements that are in reality located in different parts of a city. AI generates new versions of them in real time, making the fictitious urban landscape even more fictitious and irrational, increasingly distanced from reality, a pure imagination in cyberspace. 


Urban AI makes you think about the role of artificial intelligence in creative work. The machine only has the power to produce art because of the works fed in it.  It chooses from pieces, whereas the artist decides which images reflect a desired artistic meaning. The artist finds the gold nuggets” from the ever-flowing image stream.

You can view the Urban AI Art stream at

The AI programmed by Henri Sarasvirta was developed only for the purpose of Urban AI Art. The work is completed as part of a Tampere University’s research project that is investigating images of artificial intelligence in urban environments. 

A total of 100 pieces of art, curated by the artist from the AI-generated stream, will be minted to the collection over time.

View the collection on OpenSea

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