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The collection was created during July & August 2017, while Christelle was staying at the Jardin d’Hélys art residency in Dorgogne in Southwest France. The residency was surrounded by lush and wild parklands. 

Forest has influenced the way Christelle sees nature and the world through the lens. Forest reflects myth & fantasy, wildness & obscurity – an imaginary place on the fringe between utopia and dystopia.

'Wild Lands' photographs explore the relation between nature, man and technology. In the future, will it be possible to separate the artificial from the natural? What do concepts of “natural” and “nature” eventually mean? 

For the photographs, Christelle has used pieces of electronics and artificial objects placed in nature, illuminated by led lights. When photographed, the settings transform into something exciting, unusual and compelling – a "nature" for reinterpretation. The photographs were taken with a telephoto lens. They have no computer-generated elements.

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